How to use CRM in business

No doubt, CRM is the backbone of business in this era of digital. Now a days we focus on business only and many other related things happening automatically and maintain each and every records in a good manner and securely.
This article is for those people who are running small or mid size business and need to maintain business in a systematic way. Maintain every records in a system and reduce manpower and common human mistakes.

Before start it is important to understand that CRM system is a process which need to adopt in business. This can’t be work in just 1 or 2 days or in week. This is process and it give better result when comes in habit.

CRM can be customize as per your business and requirement that how you are processing and working on new/existing clients.
First need to understand various CRM terms. I am providing here basic terms, it’s meaning, use & benefits in CRM. Some important terms are below.
1. Targets & Target lists
2. Leads
3. Contacts, Accounts & Opportunity

For better use of CRM, above points need to understand very clearly.

Targets & Target lists

Targets are those people who normally don’t know about your organization. These can be recipients of marketing campaigns. Normally organization arrange these by some research and collect emails, or business directories or purchased some emails, phones for calling or email campaigns. So you have some data and now you let them know about business and services. This thing can be done by email campaigns.
You can arrange lot of target in some categories and this known as target lists.

Targets & target list in CRM
targets and target list in crm


In CRM lead means someone has interest in your services/prodcuts and he/she tried to contact you. For example on your website a contact form is available. If someone fills the form on website and providing contact details. It is a lead for business. Other example is you met someone in trade show and you feel he has little interest on product but not sure he will buy or not. So this is lead for you and after do some work on this lead you can convert it.

Convert target to lead
convert target to lead

So the main difference between target and lead is that you go to target and lead comes to you.

Contact, Account & Opportunity

After work on lead e.g talk on phone calls, emails or meetings etc, if a Lead is qualified and converted then it can be break in 3 parts based on answers of 3 questions.
1. Who are lead ?
2. Where is lead ?
3. What might to buy ?
First question’s answer is contact. You have information of lead and you can convert it into Contact in CRM

create new contact or convert from lead
Create new contact or convert from lead

Second question is where. It means this contact is from which company. You can maintain records of company information of that contact, This is Account.
Third is what. Once you know what he might buy, you can create opportunity.

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